Developed by the experienced Dahua Group, this project located in the heart of the Macarthur area.

The perfect combination of rural and urban


  • Multiple choices

Starting from 420 square meters of land, our respective affordable options ensure that you can buy land that meets your lifestyle and family needs.

  • Open space

Menangle Park will provide a variety of community living facilities such as playgrounds, barbecue areas, and outdoor dining areas. Let you enjoy the free country life.

  • Rural scenery

The Nepean River and the Razorback Mountains surrounding the community will bring different idyllic scenery to each land of the community. Embrace the beautiful scenery of forests and river beaches.

  • Master Plan

New plans for a new town center, primary schools, new roads, and plenty of parks have been planned in the community. The master plan ensures that you can experience the convenience of the city while enjoying the rural scenery.

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From 420 square meters

Mid 2021

5 minutes by car

15 minutes by train

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